Thursday, November 27, 2008

Twilight Zone

I will be the first to admit that I'm a DIE-HARD, and I mean DIE-HARD, "Twilight" fan! This past week my mom, my sisters, and I went to see the new movie and I LOVED it! I've already seen it twice (once again this last Tuesday with a ton of die-hard friends! So fun!)! There's just nothing I don't love about the whole thing! And I can guarantee that this won't be the last time I'll see it! It makes me want to read the books again. After Carter was born I found myself just sitting and feeding him all day and my mom suggested that I start the series. Needless to say that the next few weeks were completely consumed with the books and I loved every minute! Paul would laugh some nights and say, "Aren't you tired? You're up all night with the baby." And I wouldn't even care! I'd take the books with me to three o' clock AM feedings and read the night away! I could go on and on about all my obsessions, but for those of you who have read it know that you can't find words for it! So here's the pics of my incredibly fun night! I LOVE TWILIGHT!

If it wouldn't seem so obsessive, I'd have this poster on my bedroom wall! I'm just like a high school teenager!
My Vampire Tendencies!

Me, my mom, and my sisters

Frozen Yogurt After a Movie is Always a Good Idea

Paul Turns 29!

Paul and I have birthdays exactly one week apart and we love to share the time together! Paul had his birthday off work this year and so it was nice to spend the whole day together. We hung out with the kids, went to lunch (without the kids!), had a dinner at home, and then cake and presents. He keeps reminding me that we're getting older but says that I still have it easy based on the fact that I'm not going to be thirty next year! No matter how old he gets, I think he's the handsomest man I know! Happy Birthday Paul!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Sarah Turns 25!

This past Wednesday was my 25th birthday and it was fun! The only reservations I have about it are that now I'm on the downhill side to 30...But it was a fun day nonetheless. I had lunch and a little shopping with my mom. Then that night Paul took me to Idaho Falls for dinner at Johnny Carino's and shopping. then we came home where Paul had two amazing ice cream cakes (one chocolate, one mint!) and candles. My family had come over for it also. So we sang and ate cake and opened gifts and it was just F-U-N! Paul always outdoes himself and makes the day so wonderful!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Man in My Life

Thanks for the tag Kristel! This was a fun one, based on the fact that I’m my husband’s biggest fan!

What's your husband's name? Paul Stephen Fairbanks

How long have you been married? Almost 6 years

How long did you date? Met in Septmeber 2002, started dating in November, married in March 2003. Start to finish 5 months dating to marriage!

How old is he? 29 next week

Who eats more sweets? That’s a toss-up! We’re bad for each other!

Who said "I Love You" first? He did and I immediately reciporcated
Who is taller? Paul, by 13 inches!
Who is a better singer? Me, although Paul has a very nice voice and likes to make up silly songs for the kids. It makes me laugh!
Who is smarter? Depends. We’re both smart about lots of different things. He’s definitely the mathematical brains of the family. Superb at all sorts of intrical thinking and problem solving. But he could never tell me how to bake a loaf of bread! It just depends!
Who does the laundry? Me most of the time unless he sees me all stressed out about it. Then he tells me to step aside while he orders me to go sit and watch an episode of Gilmore Girls or something like that!
Who pays the bills? I used to until three kids comsumed my life and I just couldn’t do it! He set up an awesome system (way better than mine) and he does all of it now. I love it!
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Paul
Does he snore? Yes! And it drives me nuts. I have the sensitive ears of a mom waiting for a baby to cry and so when he starts snoring, I can’t stand it. Poor guy gets kicked all night by me while he keeps saying, “What?” “You’re snoring again.” “No I’m not, I’m not even asleep.” “Well you must be because I feel like I’m sleeping next to a Mack Truck.” And then it starts all over again 20 minutes later until I finally drift off. But he will deny this whole story! :)

What does he do in his spare time? Watches ESPN and sports of any kind, plays basketball, talks to his family, loves it when my brother comes over to play the Wii with him, plays basketball every week, takes me on dates, plays with the kids a ton (they just adore their daddy, and just spends time with me!

Who mows the lawn? He does. I asked him to show me how to use it if he ever needed help but he loves to mow so I still don’t have a clue. He bought a new riding lawn-mower this last summer and he loves it. He says it therapeutic and he says there’s nothing as great as looking at the freshly mowed lawn and admiring how great it looks!
What is his favorite candy bar? Twix, but it used to be Snickers.
Who cooks dinner? I do most the time, but he’ll cook occasionally. I don’t profess to be the greatest at giving him a hot meal every night. Fruit Loops, anyone?! But I really try! He usually lucks out about three to four times a week. We really like to eat out too – not healthy. We need to stop!
Who drives? Paul, and I love it. The kids are always screaming for something and so then I can help them. Though now that I’ve put it in words and think about it…sounds like he’s got the good deal there, huh? But I don’t like driving. I just like sitting while I pick out music we can sing to on the ipod!
Who is the first to say they are wrong? We’re both pretty good at that.
Who kissed who first? Mutual kiss and very cute. He asked me if he could and of course I said yes!
Who asked who out first? Paul asked me out first. Very unlike him if you know him well. I guess I got lucky
Who wears the pants? Both of us. We have a real good working relationship that gives and takes as it needs to. It’s never been an issue as to who’s in charge. We’re in this together!
You're It: Ashley Stallings, Erica Finley, Brigitte Papa, Rachel Carter

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kate's First HUGE Haircut

Kate's trademark since birth has always been her hair. It's always been thick, and long, and curly, and oh so beautiful! Well, this past weekend se begged me to let her get a haircut - a real one! We've had several trims but this was a whopping 10 inches! It was kind of sad - the end of an era, for mom and dad anyway. For her it was a giant step to being a big girl and she LOVES it! Still days later we're being asked, "Do you love my hair?! I've always wanted it like this you know. I think my hair is very beautiful, actually." She really is getting so big and I guess sooner or later parents have to let go - even to things as ridiculous as hair!

AFTER (with a sucker for being so good!)




Saturday, November 15, 2008

I'm not OCD... at least, I don't think so!

Here's some cute pics of the girls and the snowfall we had the first week of November. Fun! The only thing I don't like is the yucky wet mess afterward!

Going private was a bigger production than I thought! But we're finally up and running and I feel like I haven't posted in forever! To start with, I will admit to being being a neat-freak of sorts. I love a clean house. However, I do not claim to live up to the picture that I so often paint! I have a friend (you know who you are!) who loves to ask me while I'm on the phone with her if my house is clean - and if I claim that it's not, she can't wait to pack up and come see! But since I know she's coming, I usually beat her to the punch and my house is spotless before she arrives. Why am I like this?!!! I call it normal, others call it crazy ("You must spend all day, every day on this. Has your house ever been dirty? How do you get anything else done?) Well, this past week I happened to be on the phone with the afore mentioned friend who needed to borrow something. I told her to come on over and didn't think twice about the house because since having child number three I've really gotten over it! She came over and it made her day! Food and dishes in the kitchen, piles of clothes in the laundry room, an unmade bed in the master, and clothes all over the bathroom. And I promise this isn't a first! I've thought a little bit about it and I think it goes deeper. Perhaps an insecurity about letting my guard down. Aren't we all afraid to let people see our imperfections and messes? But really when it comes down to it, don't we like to know that everyone is just as imperfect as we are?! So I'm trying to be better. I still love a clean house and hardly ever let it get crazy (cuz it makes me happy) but I've stopped worrying about what other people think. It's just not worth the hassle. I think most people are better than we give them credit for and aren't judging you. They just want to know the real you! So in tribute to letting down my guard, here are pictures of my dirty house (all from one day!)!

Laundry all over - a forever battle!

Toys all over
My unmade bed
A Messy Lunch (and kids still in their pj's!)

A Sink Full of Dishes

Friday, November 7, 2008

Last Call

I've got friends waiting for invites and we're ready to go, so here's your last chance to leave your email for a chance to see our blog from here on out! It will be closed starting Monday. Sad in some ways cuz I love running into long lost friends, but we think it's a good idea! So please leave your email cuz we don't want to lose you!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween was so fun this year. The weather was perfect and the kids had a blast. Despite the crazy sugar high that the kids were on, it was a fun holiday!
Neighborhood Friends! They're all so cute!

Carter - Our Puppy!

Lizzie - Snow White!

Kate - Hannah Montana