Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Baking Cookies

In an effort to beat the winter blues and cabin fever, I've been doing all I can to think of ways to keep the kids busy. So a couple days ago we made cookies and the girls had a ball. They love their chef outfits and look so cute in them! I think we ate more cookie dough than we actually baked! We also took the kids outside for just a short time to run off some energy and this was a picture that Paul took of Kate. I loved how it turned out and just couldn't help posting it!

Monday, December 29, 2008

All Dressed Up

We all got new clothes for Christmas so that we could all match, so here's some of the pictures that we took right before church. We're hoping to have a new family picture taken soon with these colors so hopefull the kids keep them nice until then!

Daddy and the kids

Mommy and the kids

Kate, Carter, and Lizzie


Best Friends

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Memories

This has by far been our greatest Christmas! It just seems to get better every year as the kids get older. I think that Paul and I were more excited than they were - we couldn't wait to see their faces! Santa pulled through this year after a very difficult search for one of the season's hottest toys - the Barbie Diamond Castle. He finally found one in California and had some help from one of Paul's sisters (thanks Denise!). They got the Barbie dolls to match and they were in heaven! And Paul, as always, outdid himself and spoiled me with the camera of my dreams! I was totally shocked and so excited! My efforts at spoiling him never seem to work and he remains champion once again. He got a new suit which he looks fantastic in! So now I've got a whole year to plan something really amazing for him next Christmas! It was a great day full of family and food and play! We got stuck in the snow on our way to my parents house and were saved by a man that lived nearby and pulled us out with his truck and a chain. We were in two feet of snow and could barely open our doors to get out but we finally made it! We also got to talk to my brother who is on a mission which was great! I just love Christmas! It was a great day and I'm sure next year will be even more fun as the kids grow!
Playing with the Barbie Castle

Paul opening gifts

Sarah helping Carter with a gift

Kate and Liz in some of their new attire - robes, sweaters, jeans, shirts, slippers, and backpacks
Kate sporting her new chefs outfit so she can help mommy in the kitchen
Liz playing with her new Barbie

Carter LOVES Christmas! His new outfit makes him look so big!

A sideways glance!

Those big brown eyes just melt my heart!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Missing Kyle

Christmas time seems to make the absence of loved ones seem more noticeable. And today I'm missing by brother, Kyle! He's serving a mission right now in London, England. He's been out for fifteen months and we can't wait to talk to him on Christmas! He faithfully emails every week and I try my best to do the same but will admit to forgetting a week here and there. Ther reason I miss him so much is because he's so great! I can't think of a person who's kinder or more humble. And he most definitely makes me laugh and knows how to have fun! We used to meet for lunch once a week and we'd always go to Fongs where we'd sit and talk about our problems and try to help each other through them. He's a great listener. and I know he's where he's supposed to be - it's just hard to not miss him sometimes! But he'll be home before we know it and he can't wait to meet Carter! He's a great uncle and the girls just adore him. They ask about him all the time! WE MISS YOU, KYLE!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Little Momma

I just had to post because Kate is so cute at taking care of her little brother. Liz is too but she won't hold still long enough for a picture and so all I have is this recent picture of Kate and Carter. Carter LOVES his sisters and they are so good at making him laugh! And whenever I need a minute to get something done, Kate says, I'll watch him for you mom!" and then holds him and loves him and is such a good little mommy! My favorite happened this last weekend in the car. Paul and I had attempted to take all the kids shopping with us. It had been a long trip and the kids were tired. We were on our way home and Carter was in the back crying non-stop. All of the sudden we hear Kate singing, "Come stop your crying, it will be alright, just take my hand hold it tight...." She then proceeded to sing him the entire song "You'll be in my Heart" from the movie "Tarzan". It was SO CUTE! She and Liz are the greatest sisters and I feel like such a lucky mom for having so much help!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Seeing Santa and Decorating Cookies

We've taken Kate to see Santa three times already this year - she's obsessed with the idea that you can actually talk to him. Carter doesn't seem to mind either, probably because he's too young to know the difference as to whether or not he's scared. But Liz isn't too sure about the jolly big guy! She loves to talk about seeing him and talking to him and she's all ready to do it until we actually get there and then she cries and is so scared. But she was pretty excited about the candy can and coloring book she got - so I guess it turned out OK. Maybe things will change next year! We also decorated sugar cookies with friends and that was real fun. As you can see - most of the cookies were made of sprinkles, sprinkles, and more sprinkles! Liz went straight to the source and started sucking on a bottle of sprinkles! She thought they were GREAT! I missed getting a picture of it but it was pretty funny... and very cute! I love Christmas time!
A Christmas Cookie

A plate full of sprinkles! Is there a cookie in there?!

Decorating Cookies

Decorating Cookies

Kate and Santa

She did love the candy cane!

Lizzie crying over Santa

Carter and Santa (afraid that Carter was going to pull off his beard!)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Giving Thanks for Food, Friends, Festivities, and Friday

Thanksgiving this year was so great! Paul has a cousin who lives in Utah who came up with his wife and two boys and we had a blast. Evan and Brigitte are always fun to be around! We had Thanksgiving, Brigitte and I pulled off our first Black Friday ever for shopping (which has hooked me for every year from here on out! So fun and worth it!), we went and visited with bishop Palmer to reminisce about the good ol' days (where we met up with Jake and Kacie too!), and then we went to cut our Christmas tree for the season! We had a blast decorating the tree with the girls. They even cut their own little tree that they put in their room. I just love this holiday season!

Thanks for my husband, Paul

Part of the Thanksgiving Gang (Evan, Andrew, Sarah, Anna, Liz, Kate, and Paul)

A yummy Pie!

Leaving for Black Friday at 4:42 AM. We started at Walmart!

The morning crowd at Walmart. I couldn't even move!
Breakfast at Mrs. Powells for cinnamon rolls mid-shopping!

Brigitte and her cinnamon roll!
The boys and Bishop Palmer after ten long years together! (Evan, Bishop, Jake, and Paul)
All our Families at Bishop's!
Cute Kiddies (Colton, Andrew, Cooper, Kate, and Liz)
Our Family with our Tree!
Carter all bundled up for cutting a tree
the Kids in the snow with our tree (Liz, Kate, and Andrew)
Lizzie all bundled up!

Our small tree in our bedroom! (Carter, Kate, and Liz)

Aren't snowglobes amazing?!
Carter and Daddy just hanging out