Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fun at the Park

Last week finally produced some decent weather and we went to the park three times! The kids have had major cabin fever and so we tried to spend some of the week working that out. Here are pics of the kids just having fun.

Kate, enjoying the no-jacket-weather!

Liz would spend hours in the swing if I'd let her!

Carter is happy to do anything fun, as always!

Kate and Liz did a choo-choo train on the slide!

Here they are on double slides racing!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Last Little While

Well, the last little while has been so busy!!!! So here's a recap of the last month or so:
First, we celebrated Lizzie's third birthday. I can't believe how fast she's growing!!! We threw her a little party at our house and she had a blast. We had pizza, ice cream, cake, candy, and opened gifts! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!!! Then we celebrated Easter. My parents put together an Easter egg hunt for the kids in their backyard and they had a blast! The weather actually cooperated for an afternoon and they just thought that it was so fun to find eggs everywhere! Thanks mom and dad! Then we barbecued afterward and just had fun! then the next day the Easter bunny came to our house and filled our Easter baskets with candy and goodies. We went to church in nice outfits. Then we had an Easter dinner that night at my mom's. Then later that week my brother Daniel graduated from BYU-Idaho. We threw a huge party for him at our house and had a wonderful time!
She's a little candle-shy!

Opening a gift with Jessica

My mom and Anna took Liz to breakfast and the park for her birthday! She had a blast. They also did her hair and nails at grandma's!

This is the cake that Liz picked for her birthday: Diamond Barbie Castle

The Easter bunny visited our house and filled every one's baskets with goodies. Carter is checking out a new rattle and car!

Liz wearing her new Easter dress!

Kate in her new Easter dress before church!

Liz and Anna hunting for eggs!

Kate showing her basket full of eggs she found! There are tons! The sugar high lasted a while!

My wonderful brother Daniel on graduation night at BYU-Idaho! I'm so proud of him! He's off to Ohio State University on a full-ride scholarship!