Friday, August 28, 2009

Kate's First Day of Kindergarten

WOW!!!! I can't believe I have a child in school...and still I'd say that it was time. Of course there were no tears on her part - only mine! Every parent that has experienced this knows that the tears are bitter-sweet. Bitter for the passing time you can't seem to stop and the fact that she needs me a little less than she did the day before. Bitter because before I know it she'll be walking across the platform of her college AlmaMater. Sweet because you love to see her confident and independent. Sweet because a new world has opened up to her - one that will offer her knowledge and direction. Sweet because I love to see her becoming the person she was born to be. Still, I can't help but want to be there every moment - to watch her, protect her, love her. Letting go is inevitable - it's just hard to go quietly. But, as the saying goes, change is good. And I love to see her happy. So here's to you Kate - and your first day of Kindergarten!
Kate in her brand new outfit for school (thanks grandma Packard!)! She's SO excited! She's also sporting a new short haircut!

Kate about to walk into class with Mrs. Barzee. She's wearing a pretty hawaiian lei that was put on her by a teacher. They had a Hawaiian theme and all the teachers were in grass skirts! All the students wore necklaces! The whole school was just amazing and so fun!

Coming out of her first day of school ("I already have tons of homework!") It wasn't that much:)

Kate sitting on the bus for the first time - ready to come home from her first day. She LOVES the bus!

Getting off the bus after her first day - such a big girl!

In the Moment

Here are just a few pics of some random moments that were cute during August.
I found Carter in the middle of a puddle in our driveway, just LOVING it! He was soaked from head to toe and had mud all over his shirt but aren't boys supposed to look like that?!

Trying to look innocent

Kate and Liz, just hanging out

Three little monkeys :)

Water Babies

This summer we decided to try something new and I took the kids to an outdoor pool in Ashton once a week. We had a blast actually swimming in a real pool and loved soaking up the sun. All the kids loved the water and it was time they got to spend with their grandma and aunts also. We look forward to next summer!
Kate (my fearless water baby)

Lizzie (who actually gave the water a chance this year)

Carter (i love all the rolls. i think he looks like a baby sumo)

Halle Lynn Packard

On the first day of August I finally became an aunt! Say hello to my brother Daniel and sis-in-law Tara's baby girl - Halle Lynn Packard. SO DARLING! I LOVE YOU HALLE!

Fourth of July

We had a great fourth of July - full of family, friends, and lots of food! We took the kids to the parade, went home for naps, then went to my parents house for a great BBQ with the whole family and some old friends. then we went home, got PJ's on, and took a huge blanket outside to watch all the fireworks in the night sky. Let freedom ring!
Lizzie (I could just eat her up, she's so darn cute)

Kate (totally stylin')

Carter (semi-annoyed at yet again another picture)

A Trip to the Zoo

Paul and I had a day with the kids and decided to take a trip to the zoo. Carter had never been and all the kids had a blast. We also took my sister, Jess which was super fun. They had a few new animals and we actually saw a peacock get loose and walk all around. It was pretty funny and the kids got a real kick out of it!

The Air Show in Rexburg

We take the kids to the air show every July and this was Carter's first year. He didn't care for all the noise much but the other two thought it was fun. Here's a couple pics!
Mommy and Carter (I love his hat)
I think we get this same pic every year:) Kate just keeps getting taller!

Carter's Birthday Pics

I can't believe how long it's taken me to post these - better late than never! Here's his first birthday!