Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Trees

Paul and I took the kids to Green Canyon to get a Christmas tree this year and had a blast. We went with a bunch of neighbors and had chilli and hotdogs and just had a good time. This is the tree that Paul picked out and it's the best tree we've ever had in the past six years that we've been doing this! It looks so cute in our front room with all the kids' decorations:)

Birthdays and Surgeries

Here's another catchup post from a while back...Lizzie had surgery for tubes in her ears, her tonsils taken out, and her adnoids taken out. Things went well and we're glad it's over:)
I just celebrated my 26th birthday and Paul just celebrated his 30th birthday a week later on Thanksgiving. We both had great birthdays and a wonderful Turkey Day!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Halloween and Wedding Dresses

Even though their engagement wasn't official, Kyle and Nachelle started wedding plans and we all went dress shopping together. Here she is trying on the one that eventually ended up being "the one"! They're altering it for sleeves and length and it should be ready soon. She looked amazing in it! A very fun day!
Here's a picture of the kids on Halloween. I had Kate as supergirl, Lizzie as a fairy, and Carter as a puppy. They had a blast and were on a sugar high for days! We had a little party at our house with the family.


Well, it's probably obvious that life has been crazy so I decided that I'm gonna post a little here and there to catch up on the last couple months. So here's starting with September (I know...sad it's been that long:)). My brother Kyle came home from his mission on the 6th of September and it was wonderful! Welcome Home Kyle!