Saturday, March 28, 2009

Anniversary Photo Session

As I mentioned in my last post, Paul and I just celebrated our six year anniversary and he planned a photo session for us. We had our engagement pictures taken at this park a little over six years ago and here we are six years later at the same park. We've both agreed that we're a litte "rounder around the edges" since then! This wasn't all of them but these were some of my favorite! Enjoy!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Love Stories

Wow!!!! I can't remember the last time that I went more than like a week without posting and here I am at over a month!!!! This past little while has been crazy and I hardly know where to begin. But mostly our life lately has been all about wonderful love stories. Let me explain. Paul's grandpa died about a month ago so we took a two week trip to California. We left on a Wednesday, had his grandpa's funeral on Friday, and then while we were visiting there his grandma died two days later on a Sunday!!!! It was totally unexpected but such a happy moment for all of us because now his grandparents were together. They were terribly in love while they were living and just couldn't live without each other and they died exactly one week apart. Isn't that just amazing? I want to do it that way! So we had her funeral three days later to celebrate their re-uniting and then Paul's youngest brother got married two days later in the Oakland Temple. Another beautiful love story!!!!! Kate and Liz were flower girls and LOVED getting all dolled up all day. Carter had a little suit on too. All three kids looked just adorable! And then we came home and celebrated our own anniversary and love story of six years. Paul was SO cute and planned a photo session (stay tuned for pics coming soon!) for the two of us at the same park that we had our engagement pics taken at!!!!! It was so fun and then we went shopping and out to dinner and just had the nicest night!!! Also big in our lives right now is the fact that we're trying to sell our house!!! the day after we returned from Cali we were told that Paul was being transferred to Blackfoot. so we talked that week, put our home on the market and here we are hoping it sells so that we can move closer to work to have more family time. Whew!!! What a mouth-full! Life has been so crazy lately, but if it wasn't crazy what would it be?!
Daddy and his girls at the wedding!

Carter, my little man all dressed up.

Kate in her flower girl dress and her little bouqet! So Pretty!

Can I just say MODEL? She looked so pretty and loved playing princess for a day!

Paul and I with his grandma LaVonne Fairbanks just two days before she died. We were at his grandpa's funeral. We're so glad that we got this picture and had the time to spend with her.