Monday, August 30, 2010

August Happenings

August has been one busy month: between soccer starting, school starting, and trying to get the last of summer fun squeezed in...let's just say we're tuckered out! We had some friends from Rexburg, the Clays, come and visit for a couple days and we had a blast! We spent time sight-seeing a bit, had a picnic, and spent a lot of time swimming. It was so nice to have some of Idaho come this way. Kate also started her first-grade year! I can't believe how the summer flew. She loves her class and teacher and is already so intent on her wardrobe:CUTE! She also started soccer which has been very HOT...but she's a real trooper and hopefully things will cool down soon. Other than that we've just been trying to keep up with the daily schedule. Maybe things will slow down in September...but probably not!
Kate's first day of first grade. She LOVED her outfit...and so do I! It's all about glitter this year:)

I love this picture...especially her hat:)

Getting ready to walk into class for her first day

Lizzie excited about Kate's first day too! She likes to be the oldest at home:)

My little man, cute as ever

The Clay kids and our kids. What a cute group!


Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

I hope the first day went well. She sure looks cute!

Carlson Clan said...

Sarah! I found your cute blog! I will now be stalking you haha j/k